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Online Courses

5 day Cleanse

11/17 - 11/ 22 2019

Syama & Dhyana provide guidance via live Q&A's, Ayurveda & Lifestyle lecture, an online community, and daily interactions for a smooth, enjoyable and thorough cleansing experience. 


Soul Connection


Dhyana and her husband, Vira, are offering a three week online course exploring the dynamics of spiritual relationship and how to find a connection that lasts.


Intro to Ayurveda

8/6 - 8 /20 : Tuesdays, 7:30-9pm

12/03 - 12/17 : Tuesdays, 7:30-9pm EST

Our three week intro to Ayurvedic course, offering a foundation of practical wisdom that you can apply into your life immediately for greater wellness; mind, body and soul. 



Wednesdays, August 7th - September 11th


Ayurveda Consultation

we'll schedule a time together


a 6 week pilgrimage into your Self