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Discover Ayurveda’s practical pathway into the most nourishing and transformative pregnancy, birth, and postpartum window

Ayurveda, India’s ancient and holistic system of health, offers timeless wisdom on the sacred process of bringing life into this world.


Ayurveda Mama offers ways to prepare your body, mind, and life before conception, and ways to nourish your little one throughout pregnancy including tips on diet, lifestyle, herbs and oils so that you experience vibrancy and vitality, growing your little one with love. 


You will feel prepared for your unique birthing experience, equipped with Ayurvedic techniques to invoke auspiciousness, balance, and ease. You will have the tools needed to assure that your Sacred Window, or postpartum period, is one of the most profound and memorable experiences of your life; assuring that you are deeply nourished and cared for so that you can care for your little one. You will learn about becoming a newborn mama, the real work of a mama, and how to care for your babe so that he knows, at the core of his being, that he is safe, the world is safe, and that he is deeply loved and wanted. 


Ayurveda Mama is for every mama, and for every woman who ever wants to become a mother.

detailed table of contents:

foreward I

Preface II

Introduction  1


chapter 1: foundations of ayurveda 9

perfect health 10

nature of the self 10

the cause of disease 11

elements & doshas 15

balance & the doshas 16


chapter 2: conscious conception  31

preparing your consciousness 33

yamas and niyamas 36

nurturing your relationship 47

preparing your body 59


chapter 3: cultivating the seed  75

the gunas 76

prasada: the power of spiritual food 85

association 87

mantra meditation 88

pregnancy according to ayurveda 90

recommendations for pregnancy 94

common imbalances during pregnancy 98

chapter 4: preparing for birth 117

preparing your environment 121

preparing your body 126

birth plan 131

chapter 5: the birth of your babe 141

terms to familiarize yourself with for labor 144

labor 146

ayurvedic practices to incorporate into birth and labor 152

managing the doshas during labor & birth 154

our birth story 156

chapter 6: the sacred window  167

sacred window basics 171

dear partner 178

light on the sacred window by krsna jivani 185

preparing for postpartum 192

the doshas during postpartum 199

common postpartum imbalances 202

balancing practices for postpartum 209

special circumstances 213

chapter 7: newborn mama 223

mothering with self awareness 227

understanding newborns 240

newborn essentials 244

is that normal? 246

baby bath time 248

common newborn challenges 253

mother nature's perfect design 264

breastfeeding challenges. 265

chapter 8: nutrition & recipes  271

nutrition during pregnancy 272

general food guidelines for pregnancy and postpartum 280

nutrition during postpartum 282

postpartum mama recipes 290


chapter 9: herbal allies & essential oils 310

herbal allies 311

herbal elixirs for postpartum mamas 313

essential oil solutions 317

mama must haves 320

essential oil solutions for pregnancy 322

for labor 325

for postpartum 326

for baby 328


resources and references 333

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