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I’m on a mission to support mamas in caring for themselves so deeply that the ripple effect transforms the world as we know it.

To spread the good word that how you care for yourself, you care for your little one.

To share the ancient, and thus time-tested ways to care in a way that builds health and vitality, safety and security, confidence and freedom for baby and you.

To share an approach to balance and inner connection that provides the most stable foundation of Truth in your little one’s life.

To share how the food that you take in through all of your senses builds the body, mind, and emotions of your angel.

To remind you that postpartum can be one of the most transformational and memorable experiences of your life, and why it is so important that it is.

Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, you are invited




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Everything that you need to know about pre-conception, pregnancy, and your postpartum window according to Ayurveda, as well as natural solutions for everything a newborn mama might need

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January 2022

For mamas, doulas, ayurvedic counselors or practitioners, or anyone wanting to learn about the ancient ways of nourishing mama before conception, throughout pregnancy, during labor, and in her sacred postpartum window.



launching 2022

a subscription package delivered to your front door each month containing everything that you need to nourish you and your babe from preconception; throughout pregnancy; for labor; and your postpartum window

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Whether you are preparing to conceive, pregnant, in your sacred window or beyond, this group is for you! Enjoy the support of other mamas on the journey.