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+ veda wellness coach certification


To Apply for this training schedule a meeting with us here.
In this meeting we will go deeper into your intention for joining the program, answer any questions you may have and ensure this is clearly your next empowered step to take in life.

What if we gave ourselves permission
to really create and live a life
full of love, abundance and happiness?

What would that look like?

What would that feel like?

Imagine what you would see, what you could feel,
what you would experience in this lifetime.

I mean,
it's possible, right?

... to really fall in love with yourself and this life
       Ayurveda acknowledges that all dis-ease that manifests physically has its roots in the more subtle realm of mind and emotions. When you haven't allowed yourself to fully process your past experiences, uprooting the belief systems, emotions, and ways of BEING that have developed because of them, you become defined by your past and are unable to tap into the joy, ease, and bounty that is MEANT for you to experience in this lifetime. Rather, patterns of dis-ease manifest in your life and in your body as signposts that something is not right, and it is time to RE-ALIGN.

Welcome to the JOURNEY

     There is nothing innately wrong with you. Physical dis-ease, a lack of self-value, poverty mindset, addictive behaviors, repeated dysfunction in relationships, and an inability to connect firmly to your authentic path and offering to the world are but symptoms of a deeper, underlying cause.

You have forgotten who you really are,
and this, Ayurveda teaches, is
the root cause of all dis-ease.

You are now on the path of REMEMBERING.

The JOURNEY is not one of avoiding or bypassing what has happened to you, but rather a journey of diving deeply into what it means to be human - and learning to navigate this world made of matter while staying deeply connected to your Self. You will learn the language of your body, and learn how to be in right relation with (her)(him): learning how to nurture yourself in the ways your mother was always meant to.

Through the JOURNEY
- you will learn to feel, so that the feelings you have avoided are no longer scary - but rather doorways to your freedom.
- you will become crystal clear about what matters to you, and learn how to live your life in alignment with what you hold most dear.
- you will live in to the vision of your self and your LIFE that God has for you.
- you will open up to the ever-present EXPERIENCE of Grace in your life


you will be equipped with the tools, techniques and ability to hold space for others on the same journey.
- We will explore healing dynamics of client/practitioner relationships that can be applied to enhance every single relationship in your life.
- You will experience communication as one of the most profound healing modalities available, and learn how conscious communication leads to a deep EXPERIENCE of CONNECTION: the space where all healing happens.
- You will learn how to create bigger impact with more ease and how to gain financial freedom, all while building the conscious business of your dreams.
Who is the JOURNEY for?

If you want to become more ALIVE in your life

If you are ready to live your life more deeply rooted in presence, authenticity, and purpose

If you want to heal your relationship with your body and with food, and are ready to learn how to CARE for yourself in a truly nourishing way

If you are craving deep and fulfilling relationships in your life

If you want to heal yourself so that you can hold space for others to heal


"... love and beauty are the most powerful stimulants of the immune system." Dr. Bernie Siegal

Through the JOURNEY, you will begin to live your life on purpose.

You will apply the deepest teachings of Ayurveda in a way that transforms you to the core. It will change the way that you ARE in the world. And you will begin to live in to the life of your dreams.


Once you have done that yourself, you will be equipped with the tools, techniques, and ability to hold that healing and transformative space for others.


What’s included?

  • 4 months course curriculum (schedule below) includes live Zoom sessions and over 25 hours of pre-recorded content.

  • the JOURNEY booklet

  • weekly homework assignments to ENGAGE with all material

  • 2 bonus Master Class classes with a guest expert in the field of Intuitive Eating + Women’s empowerment through food, recorded and saved. (60 minutes each)

  • bonus master class on the Art of Herbal Bath Making recorded and saved (3 hours)

  • PremaBreathwork Experience with Dhyana (60 min. session)

  • membership to Soul Space (Dhyana + Vira's online community) during your 4 months on the JOURNEY.

  • Access to Meeting Your Plant Allies ( a 5 week journey getting to know your Essential Oils in an intimate way)

  • weekly group coaching sessions

  • group support & encouragement within the JOURNEY's private Facebook community

  • anytime ongoing support from Vira & Dhyana


  • Ayurvedic Developmental  Psychology: a journey through the Chakra system

  • Transformational Communication Training

  • Ashtavidha Pariksha: Ayurvedic diagnostic tools

  • Yamas & Niyamas: living a life of integrity

  • Nadhis & Shrotamsi: Gross & subtle channels

  • Koshas: subtle and physical layers of the Self

  • The qualities of a healer and holding space for transformation

  • Building your specific offering, working with clients, and launching your conscious business

  • Food and its effect on our mood

  • Hands-on healing using Marma Therapy & Pranic healing

  • Etiology and pathology: live case studies, common ailments, causes, and remedies

  • Live demonstrations of Veda Wellness Consultations

  • Vedic warrior exercises, Ayurvedic yoga classes, mantra, and pranayama (breathwork)



Ayurveda Educator + Practitioner

Dhyana's focus in this training is on Ayurvedic psychology, trauma healing, and deep processes for transformation



Ayurveda Educator + Practitioner

Vira focuses on the Art of Communication as a healing modality, Ayurvedic Pathology, Vedic Coaching, thriving in all areas of your life & building your dream business



Ayurvedic Doctor + Doctor of Naturopathy

Practitioner of Ayurveda for 30+ years, Ram brings the depth of his experience on the field and shares about the 8 diagnostic techniques according to Ayurveda



Ayurveda Educator + Cook

Syama brings her depth of wisdom and experience of Ayurveda through her joy of cooking and healing in the kitchen



Intuitive Eating Coach

She believes that you can make peace with your body. that eating should be easy,  that you should never be on a diet again, and that you can learn to trust yourself and your instincts around food. 

"Dhyana and Vira are pure magic.  Their wisdom, compassion and kindness are the hallmarks of their training style.  They make a rich and complex subject accessible to their students.  They will take you in-depth and teach you practical ways to apply your new-found knowledge.  They created a community to grow, learn and flourish.  Life-affirming sums up this very important training.  I thank God every day for putting them in my path."

- Radha Jodie



you will understand trauma and the effect it has on ones life as we lay the groundwork for real healing to take place


you drop in to the realm of sensation, desire, and emotion - following it to your true life's offering


you will become clear with the boundaries needed in order for you to thrive in all areas of your life and allow your vision to be born


you will learn to trust, practice forgiveness, and allow your life to become your canvas. You will begin to collaborate with God as a co-creator



you will align with your Truth in a way that allows it to become alive in your life.

"Vira and Dhyana’s 200-hour Ayurveda Wellness Coach Training was so much more than I dreamed it would be when I made the commitment. Not only do I feel like I got a clear and full education in Ayurveda and how to impart this wisdom to clients, I also learned how to really listen and hear my clients, how to be a coach - skills that will transcend just my Ayurvedic coaching. They held individual space for each of us in our growth as coaches and modeled over and over again this beautiful, soft and empathetic approach to coaching that brings out the best in us and in our clients. I feel so fortunate to have found this particular training and to now have these beautiful souls as mentors on my journey." - Laura B





You will learn the skills, tools, techniques, and wisdom that allows for deep transformation and self-discovery. Our Ayurveda school’s foundational philosophy is built on the belief that all of your clients have everything that they need in order to be healthy and to heal; you are there to guide them on the journey of uncovering the wisdom that is already within them. 

This training will provide you with a toolbox of modalities to create a healing environment for your client to thrive in. You will have the ability to offer intuitive homework to support your clients’ growth, and an ability to see the places where their lifestyle and dietary habits deter them from experiencing the life they want to live. You will have the knowledge and confidence to support them to come back to themselves; the pinnacle of balance and vitality.

This training weaves in our faculty’s varied backgrounds in functional medicine, herbalism, yoga, developmental psychology, neuroscience and more. We acknowledge the importance of your own experience of transformation in order to support the transformation of another. Because of this, we have weaved not only practical knowledge but also powerful experiences that will take you on a journey into your Self. You will heal in profound ways and experience a potential you may have never known. You will then move forward into your life with the ability to take others into the depths that you have touched.​​

What our graduates are saying:

reading list

Love, Medicine & Miracles by Bernie Siegal

Ashtanga Hridayam by Sanjay Pishoradi

Relationships that Work by David Wolf

pre-required course


Learn the skills, tools, techniques, and wisdom that allows for deep transformation and self-discovery.This training is for anyone interested in diving deeply into the science and lifestyle of Ayurveda to transform your own life and begin to support others in doing the same.



Scholarships available for our pre-recorded version. Email me to apply!


all sessions will be recorded and available for you to view at your convenience

December 3rd, 2021 - March 26th, 2022

all times EST

Orientation: Friday, December 3rd - 5-6:30pm


Saturdays: 7am-1:30pm:

  • December: 4th, 11th, 18th

  • January: 8th, 15th, 22nd

  • February: 12th, 19th, 26th

  • March: 12th, 19th, 26th

Tuesdays, 9-11am:

  • December: 7th, 14th, 21st

  • January: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

  • February: 15th, 22nd

  • March: 1st, 15th, 22nd

Bonus Masterclasses:

  • The Art of Herbal Bathmaking : dates TBA

  • Intuitive Eating as Your Way to Food Freedom : dates TBA

  • Embody Your Full Potential in the Body You Have Now : dates TBA



if paid in full





6 payments of $1133

* Additional structured payment plans can be arranged

To Apply for this training schedule a meeting with us here.
In this meeting we will go deeper into your intention for joining the program, answer any questions you may have and ensure this is clearly your next empowered step to take in life.

"I enrolled in as I was seeking an official way to share my passion for ayurveda with others. What I ended up with was deep personal transformation I didn’t even know I needed. Working with Dhyana and Vira was like sprinkling magic fairy dust on the spiritual and ayurvedic practices I had already been doing. I am so grateful the universe opened it’s loving arms and offered these two to enrich my journey. I feel so very empowered and well equipped to coach others and share these amazing gifts."

- Jess K 

"The VEDA Wellness Coach Training was a life-changing decision. These amazing teachers have a magical way of taking an ancient science and delivering the most potent teachings in an accessible and transformative manner. Not only did I deepen my understanding of Ayurveda, but I also learned tools to diagnose, observed live Ayurvedic Consultations with clients, and strengthened my ability to hold healing space for others. Beyond that...this training changed me. It made me a better person so that I can serve my higher-self and serve others more fully. Each session inspired the application of Ayurvedic principles into everyday life and encouraged self exploration in a safe way. At the end of our time, I felt a great sense of personal fulfillment and a confidence to bring these life-changing practices to others."

- Lauren D

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