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Are you ready to transform your life with Ayurveda, but unsure sure where to start?
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In our Mini-Consultation we learn about what's most important in your life and discover clarity on how to take a gentle and powerful step toward living to your life to the fullest potential.


Who we are...

We are Bhakti Yoga practitioners, Ayurvedic healers, coaches, life partners, and the people behind The Sister Science.

Our mission is to empower everyone to becomes healers in their own homes and live lives full of real meaning.

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how will Ayurveda change my life?

when you know who you are it becomes easier to navigate this thing called life.


We begin to see that all of life exists in relationship, and when we understand that relationship, we know how to show up in every moment in a way that truly serves.


We become equipped with the tools to move from a state of dis-connection to connection; dis-ease to ease.

Tropical Leaves

A Loving Appreciation

by Jodie, from New Jersey

Dhyana and Vira are pure magic.  Their wisdom, compassion and kindness are the hallmarks of their training style.  They make a rich and complex subject accessible to their students.  They will take you in-depth and teach you practical ways to apply your new-found knowledge.  They created a community to grow, learn and flourish.  Life-affirming sums up this very important training.  I thank God every day for putting them in my path.