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Essential Education


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"For total wellness,

I turn to mama nature"

Using herbs and oils as part of your daily routine will bring so much abundance into your life, as that is the energy of mama nature. She helps you to heal in a holistic way, nourishing your mind, body, and emotions. Not only will these plants deliver their medicine into the tissues of your body, but also their energetic blueprint leaves a mark on your energy field. Think of each plant as a personality; as you spend time with them each day you will begin to develop a relationship and understand the energetic quality of each.


Essential Education is meant to support you in learning the foundations of essential oils and how to use them to enrich and heal your life immediately. Welcome to the beginning of what will hopefully be a life-long journey of wellness through plant allies! Enjoy this Essential Education Series at your own pace, as you learn from my dear friend and essential oil mentor Avasa, and myself.

Business Essentials is for those who feel inspired to share the oils to create residual income, or even replace a job that feels less than empowering and aligned with who you are and what you want to share with the world! I said YES to partnering with doTERRA in March of 2020, and by sharing my love for wellness and my connection with the oils, I’ve built an income that allows me to experience abundance every day of my life. I added some videos towards the bottom of this page so that you can begin to know doTERRA as a company. The way doTERRA serves the world is deeply inspiring, and their mission is something I can stand behind in full integrity.

- Recommended Reading: Essential Life + Essential Emotions

- Oil Education Facebook Group : ask questions and gain support from thousands of people who are living the essential life!


- Essential Oil Learning on almost any topic: Empowered-Life-Series AND oil-Games 


- Zoom Link for Saturday afternoon @ 2pm EST Continuing Education Classes w/ Avasa

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If you do not yet have your oils:
Below is a link to my suggested Starter Kit. It is the oil kit that I started with, and the kit that made me fall in love with oils as a lifestyle. This collection of oils is said to address up to 98% of ALL IMBALANCES. It is the perfect place to begin.
With your membership, you’ll have a wholesale account for a full year meaning that you'll receive 25% off EVERY ORDER! You can buy as much or as little as you’d like.
CLICK HERE  to read 100 ways to use your Healthy Start Kit!
How to order more oils:
If you sign up for their Loyalty Rewards Program and purchase a minimum of $50 per month (usually that’s one or two oils, or any of their toxic free beauty, household, or skin care products) you’ll start earning up to 30% back of each purchase in product points. That means for every $100 you spend, you earn $30 back in product points!

I find that super valuable, as I purchase soaps, shampoos and laundry detergent ANYWAYS, though this way I’m getting a big percentage back... and living in a totally non toxic house (which is super valuable, especially now with that I have little ones!)
Everything is explained in the video below, as well as a step by step tutorial of how to sign up, how to cancel, how to use your points, and more.

Essential Education

01: Intro to Essential Oils

02: Oils Safety

While it would be pretty difficult to hurt yourself using CPTG essential oils, there are a few safety guidelines that will help ensure you and your family or clients receive the full benefits. 

   - Sensitivity Chart

   - Learn more about Pets 

03: Non-toxic Living (DIY cleaners + self care)

        - doTERRA's DIY blog

04: Oils for Hormone Health

05: Oils for Sleep

06: Oils for Immunity

08: Oils for Emotions

09: Oils for Pain (coming soon)



Throughout this next series, you will spend time getting to know five of your plant allies through immersing yourself in their vibrations through topical, aromatic, and internal usage.


Through building a steady and consistent relationship with one ally per week, rather than just studying book knowledge, you will begin to feel and know the qualities that they influence your life with.

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