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Benefits of the Veda Mat: 

  • Wellness: Ayurveda explains that there are 72,000 nerve endings in your hands and feet, which connect to every part of your body and serve as a gateway to releasing stress and synthesizing communication to every part of your body.

  • Lymphatic circulation: Healthy friction created by walking on the Veda Mat creates bio-electricity which helps to move lymphatic fluid throughout the body. 

  • Stress release: Putting healthy pressure on the hands and feet is like squeezing a sponge, releasing stress from the sponge like tissues in the body.

Getting started with the Veda Mat:

  • Make a morning routine of walking on the veda mat while you brush your teeth or integrate into your morning rituals for a deeper meditation or more embodied work out. 

  • Walk on the Veda Mat for 108 steps before you exercise to warm the body up.

  • Use the Veda mat for a boost of energy at anytime during your work day or before a big meeting to be alert and present.


Some ways to use: 

  • To increase energy and alertness walk in place on your mat with fast steps and deep inhales and exhales.
  • To calm the body stand walk in place slowly on the mat and take deep inhales and relaxing sighs on your exhales.

  • Use the same above methods on your hands.



  • When I walk on the Veda mat my feet are really sensitive. Is that OK? 
    • According to Ayurveda, sensitivity in our nerve endings is an indicator that stress is built up in our body. If you are feeling very sensitive to walk the mat, use a thick handkerchief or t-shirt to take the edge off the sharpness.

Veda Mat

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