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Receive instant access to all recordings of our Living Ayurveda Training!


This course is designed to be completed in 5 weeks, though with a lifetime access to the recordings, you can go at whatever pace suits your life.


This is a great way to invite the wisdom of Ayurveda into your life or wellness practice, and support you in APPLYING the teachings into your life in a way that leads to inner transformation and total health. It is a profound journey of stepping into total wellness, and really experiencing the profound gifts of Ayurveda in your life.


This course also fulfills the pre-requisite requirement for our 300 hour Wellness Coach Training.



- Intro to Ayurveda

- Ayurveda Lifestyle & Self Care Series

- History & Philosophy of Ayurveda

- Dhatus: 7 Bodily Tissues

- Subdoshas: The organizing energies of our body

- Six Stages of Disease + Agni and Ama

- Six Tastes

- Ayurveda in the Kitchen 1

- Ayurveda in the Kitchen 2

- Ayurveda & the Mind

- Diagnostic Methodology

- Healing Treatments & Herbs

- Language of Emotions

- Emotions as Healing Medicine

- Communication for Healing

- Intro to Marma Therapy

- Sadhana Series to deepen your spiritual practice

- Essential Oil & Ayurveda Education Series

- 3 Dosha Balancing Yoga Classes

- Living Ayurveda Booklet

- Weekly Homework tasks

+ more!

Living Ayurveda 100 Hour Training

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