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Ayurveda, India’s ancient and holistic system of health, offers timeless wisdom on the sacred process of bringing life into this world.


Ayurveda Mama offers ways to prepare your body, mind, and life before conception, and ways to nourish your little one throughout pregnancy including tips on diet, lifestyle, herbs and oils so that you experience vibrancy and vitality, growing your little one with love. 


You will feel prepared for your unique birthing experience, equipped with Ayurvedic techniques to invoke auspiciousness, balance, and ease. You will have the tools needed to assure that your Sacred Window, or postpartum period, is one of the most profound and memorable experiences of your life; assuring that you are deeply nourished and cared for so that you can care for your little one. You will learn about becoming a newborn mama, the real work of a mama, and how to care for your babe so that he knows, at the core of his being, that he is safe, the world is safe, and that he is deeply loved and wanted. 


Ayurveda Mama is for every mama, and for every woman who ever wants to become a mother.

Ayurveda Mama: Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth, & Your Postpartum Window

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