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w o m a n || "give your whole heart, but give it slowly"

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

as a woman, i have this desire to give myself completely. so in the past i gave myself, my whole heart ... and he didn't know how to hold it. -

when i showed too much emotion, too much desire, too much love ••• he moved away (rather than towards me). when i show him that i need him i'm seen as being needy, and thus unattractive. i learn to be more independent; to not depend on him. when the fact is, we need each other. -

as a woman, i've learned to give myself completely, but slowly. little bits and pieces at a time ... so i can test his strength and see what he's capable of holding. if i see that he moves away at my hint of needing him, i know that he is not worth the depths of my needing. -

w o m a n • know your value. know your worth. know that you deserve nothing less than a man whom can hold you in your strength and support you in your weakness. when he moves away (rather than towards you), it is not due to your weakness, but his inability to hold it. -

so no. don't serve just any man. because your mood may be taken advantage of. serve only a man who is up for the task of reciprocating, deepening, and growing in this love with you. -

when we find a man worth serving, worth offering our whole heart to, it is because he has shown up and shown us that he knows our value. perhaps when we give ourselves too quickly, it is because we aren't aware of our own. #woman

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So beautiful!!

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