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BEAUTY by Ayurveda

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Let me share with you a core belief within the ancient science of Ayurveda >>> you can become an attractive force through the power of self-love and self-care. .

Take that in for a minute ::: You become more attractive when you stop and love yourself. .


It’s not rooted in physical beauty alone. It’s love and radiance. It’s timeless. Ageless. Beyond any traditional beauty standard.


The ancient tradition actually encourages us, especially as women, to honor our inner femininity and worthiness through the act of touching, loving and caring for our own physical body. In order to become more magnetic, we have to become more receptive and loving. >>> I want you to get that, ladies. You get more of what you want in love by going slower and taking the time to love the parts of you that you may not really like.


This is beyond counter-culture. 

Our culture tells us to push outward, grow our muscles, build our willpower and ambition, go faster, do more in less time. This is the opposite of your Ayurvedic super-power as a feminine creature. be soft. be natural. Be You.

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