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Empowered Manhood Immersion

With Vira Tansey & Yamuna Bihari

You know what it feels like to be disconnected, disempowered, and not showing up for yourself or your loved ones how you desire. You have a power that you know you are not fully utilizing or sharing with the world. You are not alone.

It may look like working the job you hate, essentially selling your life force by the hour.


Lacking the mastery to overcome lethargy, complacency, a victim mentality that keeps life mundane + mediocre.


Addiction to pornography, meaningless sex, munching on junk foods, wasting time scrolling your phone, or leveling up your video game character instead of real life character. 

Maybe you are just ready for an upgrade from average to exemplary - in your self connection, ability to keep your word, powerfully communicate, and influence others. Maybe it is in your relationships, health, career, or sense of purpose. 

There is something in your life calling for you, begging you to pay attention - to transform, sublimate, and step up.

Man Hiking in Wilderness
“Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat...”

— Gita

Our Mission Together

The ancients describe real success as becoming the ruler, or sovereign, of your own internal kingdom. 

For a king to rule well he must have control over all gates to his kingdom. The ancients likened our 5 senses as the gates to the mind, or command center from which one can rule. To gain control over these gates one must slay the demons of unintentional living, thinking, and being. 


Determination is not enough - you need self-mastery


No man has ever done it alone - you need a community.


To take back what is yours (your life) - you need a map.

To uproot the spies (subconscious wirings) that spoiled your previous attempts - you need a captain.

Yamuna is here to walk side by side with you as a friend and captain to help you reclaim your kingdom.


Step One:
Know Thy
(old) Self

One of the biggest obstacles to transformation is the belief that action is the first step. This might be useful at first - but self-generated motivation is limited at this stage of the journey: you will likely burn out quick, or admit defeat and repeat all of your old patterns.

Whenever you break trust with yourself and act out in un-ideal ways - your mind has to (consciously or subconsciously) give you permission first. This permission happens through rationalization and a quick attack of self-deception you didn’t even realize was happening.

You need to identify the ways in which you rationalize and self-deceive and be able to stand in truth when provoking situations arise. 

Some of these deceptions are obvious, while others are deeply rooted in negative belief patterns, low self-worth, and subconscious blockages. The Empowered Manhood Immersion will help you make huge strides and get clear on the old parts of you that need attention, integration, and up-leveling.

Step Two:
Know Thy
(real) Self

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax." Clarity is the sharpening of the ax of your intelligence that allows you to chop down the tree of bad habits and rationalizations so you can live life on purpose.

In this stage we bring in your biggest dreams in a way that keeps your feet on the ground but aims to the sky. You will get clear about the most life-giving components of your aspirations and connect to the part of you that is ready to align your consciousness to receive what is available.

Step Three:
Forging a

In order to live the life you want you will likely have to make some changes in the way you live, breathe and think on a daily basis. 

Some of these changes will simply be to trick your mind out of its routine self-deception, lethargy, escapism, and indulgence. While other changes will be there to positively uplift you for years to come. 

This dynamic lifestyle shift is specifically designed to help you crush your lower habits and limiting beliefs while not burning you out or overwhelming you. It is a crucible to burn off your impurities and let the real you shine. You want sustainable change - not a quick facade of power. 

Step Four:
Man of

This is the part where you follow through with your mission. Where you learn to keep the main thing the main thing. Where you center your energies enough to not be blown off course by the slightest emotional slump or change in circumstances around you. 

This is the part where you become a bold man of action - anchored in your real self and unconvinced by the thought waves, emotions, and scenarios that will inevitably come to challenge your authenticity. 

This is where you show yourself day after day who you really are. 

The Empowered Manhood Immersion will teach you how to build this connection with simple yet profound tools and strategies.


_MG_9027 copy.JPG


“My mission is to create communities that fulfill our core human need to be held in unconditional compassion, to heal from our trauma’s, to awaken our true self, and learn to hold that same space for other.”


I am here to support you in awakening your truest most empowered and beautiful self.


I’ve trained and lived with masters including HH HH Radhanath Swami, God father Arjuna, Narsingha, Dr. Ram Masla, Dr. David Wolf and so many other enlightened spiritual warriors. 


I served as the President of Bhakti Center for 5 years, Practitioner of Marma therapy with over 5000 sessions, Ayurvedic teacher and transformative life coach and co-founded with my wife Dhyana Masla.

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.37.07 PM.png


During his time in the monasteries of India and America Yamuna was dramatically impacted by the powerful master teachers, or acharyas (those who teach by example), he encountered. It has allowed him to gain a much deeper mastery over vice, mental noise, and unideal living.

Combining mystic practices of meditation, the healing science of Ayurveda, Vedic philosophy, and transformative mindset coaching - Yamuna has helped hundreds of students become the architects of their own lives, take health into their own hands, and live life on purpose.

As a teacher Yamuna leads professional trainings in Ayurvedic medicine and bodywork. Yamuna was also a co-director of the men’s ashram at Bhakti Center, NYC where he ran intensive programs for monks in training. As a coach Yamuna helps conscious entrepreneurs 10x their income and impact. Yamuna is currently based out of Los Angeles, California.


  • Campfire Sessions: gather in community real talk, Q&A, and integration

  • Weekly Wisdom: dropped in our immersion vault to keep you on fire

  • Mission Debriefs (session notes)

  • Empowerment Guides and Exercises

  • Community Chat: to stay connected + alert

  • Extras: guided meditations, ayurveda self-healing resources



We begin our 60 day mission March .

Wednesdays: 5p PT // 8p ET

Meetings will take place via Zoom + our private immersion website.

Standard Cost: $1950

Sign up for our waitlist and receive $200 off tuition when doors open for total of $1750

Apply for Empowered Mens Immersion Here:

Thanks for submitting!


If you have any questions or desire more clarification if this is the right training for you click here to set up a 20 minute call with Vira.

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