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Ayurveda Wellness Coach Training

Alumni Group Coaching Program

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In this 12 week group coaching program you will create powerful clarity around your unique inherent gifts as coaches, space holders, practitioners, teachers and healers and what your practical offering of service to the world is meant to be at this time. 

Maybe you aren't clear about your offerings yet, or are struggling with self doubt or imposters syndrome. What you should charge clients or how to get paying clients in the first place. Some of you may already have a business, but want to bring greater clarity to each aspect of it and how to stay inspired in your service.


Together, we will go through a simple process for building a financially abundant and sustainable business model, navigate the excuses, obstacles and challenges that may arise in your personal process and lovingly move past them toward an easeful, abundant and inspiring way of serving and conducting your business. 

What you will experience:

More of...

  • Heartfelt community with like minded entrepreneurs, business owners and space holders to share with and learn from.

  • Clear understanding of your vision and unique offering in service to clients and students.

  • Who your ideal clients are and what practical menu of offerings will truly serve them.

  • Time doing what you love in direct service to happily paying clients.

  • Exciting, bold and practical financial goals with a clear plan to meet them.

  • Your ability to hold a quality of sacred healing space where genuine transformation occurs during each session you offer.

  • Learn how to make "sales" a genuine offering of selfless service to your clients.

  • Feel confident charging what feels good for you for your services and experience how good it feels for your clients to pay it.


  • Imposter syndrome. That you aren't worthy of being available to others as a teacher or space holder.

  • Self doubt. That you aren't ready or qualified.

  • Stress and fear that you don’t know enough or have the tools right now to effect positive change in your clients lives.

  • Fear of overcharging for your services, Undercharging for your services or being afraid to charge for them at all!

  • The idea that building your business needs to be stressful and hard.

Less of...

Program Details

Starting Date April 2022 (Exact Start date & Time TBD)

What to expect:

  • We will be together as a closed group.

  • approximately 8-12 participants.

  • Together for 6 months (12 Sessions Total).

  • Meeting twice monthly via zoom for 2 hours.

  • I will share fresh & relevant content.

  • I will take you through processes to facilitate clarity in each area of your business.

  • Plenty of space for questions and reflections.

  • Opportunities to navigate personal challenges with 1-1 coaching from me in the sessions.

  • Meet twice monthly for 1 hour each session for partner coaching exchanges with a fellow group member to continue practicing as transformative coaches & receiving feedback on how to keep improving your skills. 


Self Investment: $495

Payment Options:


Venmo: @viratansey

Zelle Transfer:

CC: Details Requested

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