creating your rhythms

week 2 replays:

Here is the recipe booklet and shopping list for this Thursday's Ayurveda in the kitchen class: Syama's Ayurvedic Recipes

- Ayurveda & Vegetarianism + Principles for Balanced Digestion w/ Syama

Ayurveda in the Kitchen (stewed apples, CCF tea, + prune/pineapple smoothie) w/ Syama 

- Group Coaching: Emotions as gateways to empowerment w/ Vira 

articles + downloads

70/30 RULE

Dinacharya: your daily rhythm

Ritucharya: your seasonal rhythm

EARS (ether)

EYES (fire)

SKIN (air)

MOUTH (water)

NOSE (earth)

Benefits of Abhyanga

Abhyanga Tutorial