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Veda means wisdom. It is the deepest Universal wisdom that resonates within you; the timeless Truth that you connect with when you go deep within yourself, to the Source of your being.


We are here to support you on the journey of uncovering that wisdom - and thus the journey into deep healing and Self-discovery. 


We offer a holistic path to total wellness. We take into account that real health includes not only a dynamic experience of wellness in the body, but is also an experience of living a deeply fulfilling life, which includes - but is not limited to - your mental and emotional wellbeing, thriving relationships, core alignment with your purpose, and a genuine spiritual connection.


Through all of our offerings, we are dedicated to supporting your journey into total wellness, so that you may feel truly inspired in living your most fulfilling life, every moment of every day.

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Intro to Ayurveda

The perfect place to get started. Register for our newsletter and get free access to our Intro to Ayurveda Workshop!


Discovering Ayurveda

Join us for a 21 day Ayurveda challenge + 5 day cleanse to experience the transformative power of Ayurveda. 


Living Ayurveda

Our Flag ship 6 week course for those looking to learn to bring Ayurveda into their everyday life and share it with anyone interested to begin their own Ayurvedic journey. 


1:1 Consultations, Coaching & Private Retreats

To heal, support, and enhance all areas of your life. Rather than a disjointed system, Ayurveda approaches the whole person, YOU, as an individual, maintaining health in the areas where you are healthy, and restoring balance where there is dis-ease.


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