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Soul Space


Soul Space is a holistic wellness membership platform dedicated to supporting you in living a more healthy, inspired and joyful life. Show up, connect, and take time to nourish yourself through yoga, Ayurveda and mindful living.

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Retreat Center

Whether you'd like to experience a traditional Panchakarma retreat or join us for a weekend Ayurveda Cleanse, come visit us at our Ayurvedic retreat center in Florida where you will embark on a deep healing and rejuvenating retreat experience.

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Join us for a deep dive into different aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda! Naturally, as you embark on a profound journey of personal growth, you will be equipped and genuinely inspired to compassionately support and guide others on their own unique paths towards healing. 

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Sister Science is founded by Syama and Dhyana Masla, Directors of Ayurveda Health Retreat in Alachua, Florida

They are sisters raised on the path of Bhakti Yoga who grew up around their family's Ayurvedic retreat center and visiting the rich and diverse culture of India almost every year. They knew there was something magical about their parents' ways, though they didn’t know that living and sharing Yoga and Ayurveda would also become their life's work.

From their early twenties they have been leading retreats and trainings around the world. After receiving their degree in Traditional Eastern Arts at Naropa University, they moved to New York and spent almost a decade living and serving at The Bhakti Center: a yoga cultural center in New York City. They directed two yoga studios in the east village of Manhattan where they taught in person trainings on Yoga & Ayurveda to hundreds of students each year.


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