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Springtime Recipes Part II

A Spring Balancing Menu

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*A replay will be sent to all registered!* For menu packet, click here: In Ayurveda, we realize that our kitchen is the greatest medicine cabinet. According to Ayurveda each season is influenced by particular elements/ doshas. Springtime is considered “Kapha Dosha” as this time of year is characterized by the presence of earth + water. Our bodies are influenced by nature. We live in sync with the rhythms of the seasons, moon and sun when balanced. One way we can experience optimal health is recognizing the change of seasons and eating accordingly. We see in nature the blossoming and growth that springs brings. Winter weather shifts to the cool and damp days of spring. The days grow brighter and longer. On a physical and emotional level we feel the excess dampness through sluggish digestion and moods. Common springtime ailments include congestion in the sinuses, lungs and lymph system. Why are we all getting sick with Spring colds, coughs and allergies when the sun is finally shining?! Our bodies are working to release the excess slush and a springtime diet will assist us in doing so. A springtime diet should facilitate gentle cleansing and rejuvenation. We learn in ayurveda that like increases like and opposites create balance. Since spring has cool, damp, slow and heavy qualities we must bring in the opposite. Hot, dry, airy and light foods will balance out Kapha.

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