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Journey Through the Chakras

seven months of harmonious coordination, integration, and synthesis

  • Starts Sep 29
  • 388 US dollars
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In Sanskrit, "Samanvaya" means harmonious coordination, integration, or synthesis. It refers to the act of bringing together diverse elements in a way that creates a coherent and unified whole. The seven main chakra centers, each like a doorway into a way that you've been "hardwired" to experience life, give us deep insights into our patterns, beliefs, limitations and strengths. They are our "energy-body"- informing us of the ways that energy moves (or is stuck) within our form, informing the health and/or dis-ease of our physical structures - including our body, our relationships and our experience of all aspects of life (home, wealth, purpose, desire, self-expression, spirituality etc). The wisdom they each hold, and the self-reflection that is inevitable throughout the course, will empower you to live a deeper life - with more meaning, connection and integrity. This course series delves into the ancient wisdom of the seven chakras, offering a transformative journey towards wholeness and harmonious living. Course Outcomes: Uncover the Meaning of Samanvaya: Gain an understanding of the Sanskrit concept of "Samanvaya" and its role in integrating diverse elements within ourselves for a unified and coherent experience. Embrace Wholeness: Explore the interconnectedness of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, identifying areas that need healing, integration, and growth. Heal Past Wounds: Learn powerful tools and techniques to release emotional baggage, cultivate forgiveness, and find peace with past experiences. Honor Your Inner Wisdom: Develop your intuition and tap into the guidance that lies within each chakra, leading to deeper self-awareness and empowered choices. Empower Yourself: Build resilience, set healthy boundaries, and create a life aligned with your values and aspirations. Explore the Chakra System: Delve into the seven chakra centers, understanding their individual functions, influences on various aspects of life, and potential imbalances. Identify Your Patterns: Recognize the unique patterns, beliefs, and limitations associated with each chakra, gaining insights into your personal blueprint. Cultivate Balance: Learn practical tools and techniques to balance and activate each chakra, promoting optimal energy flow and overall well-being. Live a Deeper Life: Integrate the wisdom of the chakras into your daily life, fostering deeper connections, greater meaning, and a more fulfilling experience.

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