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Sep 06, 2021
In General Discussion
Dear Friends, I will be unable to stream on zoom this week. Please join me on Instagram live each morning 9A for live prayers and the replays After. gratefully, vira
Jul 23, 2021
In General Discussion
Dear Soul Family, I have been praying Monday, Wednesday, Friday live on Zoom for the past few months and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share and connect. I love getting to hear your reflections and how living in a prayerful and intentional state of consciousness has brought more fulfillment, connection and clarity into your life. It certainly has for me and I thank you all for that! These prayers come to me sometimes a day before, hours before, minutes before or right on the spot. I believe that every day we are getting truly vital lessons in life from our higher power to show us how to take our next step forward in our spiritual evolution. A simple recognition of that lesson and a prayer to live into it acts like a little net to catch those lessons and bring them into our lives, so that we may feel the closeness, and intimate guidance of our higher power in our day to day, moment to moment lives. When we feel that guidance, follow it and live from that conscious state of being we awaken our full potential and express that potential in a way that is deeply fulfilling for ourselves and uplifting for the entire world. I would love more than anything to hear what lessons you've been hearing again and again and struggling to live into, or the lessons you've been catching in your prayer nets and integrating into your lives easefully. So friends, whats coming up as most important for you to embody and integrate in your life these days??? Please share from your heart.


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