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Jul 20, 2021
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Dhyana & Vira ~ I just want to express that I am so so grateful for YOU! Thank you for creating Soul Space, it’s so meaningful for me (& I know the rest of this community feels it too). While I often can’t join you live (Australia Timezone- I really wish I could) I tune in each week to catchup on everything afterwards..these last few weeks I’ve not put the time aside, ive felt distracted & disconnected as we are in the midst of a big covid lockdown here - unable to work for weeks, constrained to our homes, bombarded with mass media fear etc) so Ive just turned on your july ‘soul sessions’ and within 5 minutes.. it’s ‘my place to remember’. Shedding tears of joy as youve reminded me of my soul & krishna. You are both such authentic, wise, humble teachers who share such profound messages with us. I am deeply grateful for you offering your time, your knowledge, your hearts and souls to us each week. Thank you thank you. from my heart to yours xxx


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