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Dominique Warfield
May 11, 2021
Hi! 👋🏽 I'm Dominique. I want to share a lil bit about myself as I'm emerging out of a potent metamorphosis period 🦋. I was born in Japan. My Mom is Filipina, and my Dad is a real Heinz 57 (ethnically mixed). My ancestral bloodlines expand throughout Africa, East Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Native North America 🌏. I moved to the States when I was five and traveled a lot b/c my father was in the US Navy ⚓️. I primarily grew up in Florida 🌞. I was a competitive cheerleader, dancer, and singer of the Karaoke machine for most of my youth 🤸🏽‍♂️🎵. Since 2010, I've been a healing arts practitioner and facilitator. I offer a unique holistic approach that incorporates body-mind therapies, sacred embodiment practices, the expressive arts, and feminine wisdom ☥. I thrive and come most alive in creating intentional spaces for people to connect deeply with themselves and have the freedom to be in their unbridled creative, authentic expression 🔥. This is what I'm the most passionate about! I currently live in Amsterdam 🌷 because I fell in love with a fantastic human in Thailand, and he needs to be here, to be a Papa for his exuberant 8-year-old boy. I could have never imagined my life would unravel this way! Moving from the other side of the world and supporting my partner co-parenting has been a powerful initiation into 'adulting' and exploring the *depths* of conscious relating. ♡ I am 100% committed to tending the matters of the heart: to heal, transform and expand more fully in my Soul's journey. ♡ I'm Capricorn ♑︎ , both sun & moon in Western astrology, and my rising is in Libra ♎︎. Capricorns are known to be success-driven, ambitious, and leaders. Success to me is measured by : ❤︎ daily nourishing self-care practices and rituals ❤︎ traveling to communities and places I love, sharing my Soulwork ❤︎ quality time in nature, with Soul/Spirit/Source ❤︎ intimacy with people I care about ❤︎ the devotion to living a creative life (which at the moment is juicy in my kitchen 🥙.) These are qualities that intrigue my calling in leadership. This type of success connects me to joy and God. From this place, life is prosperous and full of magic. Thank you for reading! xoxo, Dominique

Dominique Warfield

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