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a woman's nature. and her man's

w o m a n || it’s our nature to love, nurture, serve, soften, surrender. it’s in our nature to give ourselves to a man, and trust him completely.

and for an empowered masculine, it’s in their nature to protect >>> to honor, respect, keep safe, to hold space and be steady. .

not many men have learned how to step into their empowered masculine ... because there’s many women who will settle for less. so why would they ever need to? ((mothers//ladies ••• we show men, by our example, what is okay and not okay in regards to how to treat a woman)) .

>>> though often women shrink out of their empowered feminine, thinking that they need to “feel less”, “love less”, “need less” ... so that they can find a man who can actually hold them.

so we end up creating men who don’t know how to hold the whole of a woman. and women who forgot how to empower their man by their fierce, yet soft and loving nature. .

so please don’t settle. lovingly urge your man to step up by empowering him with your love. be that woman who is SVASTHA, so situated within her Self, that a mans inability to compromise doesn’t urge you to become any less.

and the men will step up. and the women will soften. because they finally can.


and that’s an empowered relationship


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