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About Us

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Soul Space

your place to remember

Soul Space is a holistic wellness membership platform dedicated to supporting you in living a more healthy, inspired and joyful life. Show up, connect, and take time to nourish yourself through yoga, Ayurveda and mindful living.

It is an online classroom supporting you to anchor more deeply into your True Self through live weekly classes and monthly workshops, as well as an archived on-demand library of over 100 classes and courses!

We are excited to dive deep with you!
Love , Syama & Dhyana


breathe, stretch and strengthen during our weekly live and archived yoga sessions that are suitable for all levels.


feed your mind, body and soul through our monthly classes focusing on herbal preparations, the medicinal use of spices and the culinary arts.


dive into your Spirit through and heal your past through live breathwork, guided meditations and wisdom sessions.


deepen your understanding of how to live in alignment with Nature's rhythms and the seasons of your life through Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology and Soul-filled living .

Why we created Soul Space

Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 12.06.40 PM.png

Who is this for?

People who

  • are looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and mindful living

  • are struggling to maintain a home practice on their own

  • are wanting to live a deeper and more meaningful life

  • want guidance and support on their spiritual path

  • want to understand how (and learn practical ways) to truly nourish themselves on all levels.

What you will find


Weekly Live Sessions

(all sessions EST)

*all sessions will be recorded and archived for you to experience at your convenience

Yoga Flow w/Syama: every Sunday, 9:15-10am

  • an all levels yoga flow to support you in feeling balanced and more connected to your Self

Slow Flow w/Dhyana: every Wednesday, 9-9:30am 

  • A 30 minute blend of breath, mindfulness, & mantra meditation with gentle yoga


Breathwork & Guided Meditation w/ Ram (our dad!): Monday through Friday 7-7:45am 

  • traditional breathwork and a guided meditationto start your day with clarity and intention



Monthly Live Sessions

(all sessions EST)

Ayurveda for You

Join Omi Czenstochouski, Ayurvedic Doctor, for monthly sessions focused on understanding Ayurveda's holistic approach to wellness. Each month we will have a different topic to discuss.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Tuesday, June 27th 6:30-7:30pm Understanding & attaining optimal digestion

  • Tuesday, July 25th 6:30-7:30pm Common digestive complaints, causes and cures

  • Tuesday, August 29th 6:30-7:30pm Understanding Doshas & Agni 

  • Tuesday, September 26th 6:30-7:30pm  Overview of toxins

  • Monday, October 30th 6:30-7:30pm Herbs and teas for digestive first-aid 

Astrological Forecast

Join Shrinam Vanamali at the start of each month to understand the planets special influences and how to navigate the highs and lows of the month to come. Bring questions!

Upcoming sessions:

  • Sunday, June 4th 11-12pm

  • Sunday, July 2nd 11-12pm

  • Sunday, August 6th 11-12pm

  • Sunday, September 3rd 11-12pm

  • Sunday, October 8th 11-12pm



Monthly Live Sessions

(all sessions EST)

Ayurveda in the Kitchen

​Whether you are a seasoned cook or brand new in the kitchen, join Syama Masla in the kitchen as we share Ayurveda home remedies and her favorite healing recipes. Each month we will profile different ingredients and how to use them.

A Return to Wholeness

Join Vira Tansey in his monthly thought-provoking session on how to heal, transform and find peace from past pain. Learn how to free yourself from addictive patterns and behaviors and get to the root cause of chronic dis-ease. Gather yourself and integrate your life experiences to feel more intentional, happy and Whole.

Nourished Mother

There is truly no force greater than a Nourished Mother. She is the heartbeat of the home, and when she is truly filled - the deeply nourishing energy that naturally moves through her pours into her home and her children - and changes the entire future of our world. Join Dhyana each month - and connect with other mothers on the path - to share our motherhood stories (the highs and the lows) and to explore practical ways to stay nourished on the journey of motherhood.

Ayurveda for You

Join Omi Czenstochouski, Ayurvedic Doctor, for monthly sessions focused on understanding Ayurveda's holistic approach to wellness. Each month we will have a different topic to discuss. 

Examples: Understanding & Attaining Optimal Digestion; Aging Gracefully through Ayurveda; Common Digestive Complaints - causes and cures; Herbal First Aid; Ayurveda for Anxiety & Depression

Astrological Forecast

Join Shrinam Vanamali at the start of each month to understand the planets special influences and how to navigate the highs and lows of the month to come. Bring questions!

Monthly Check-in with Syama &/or Dhyana

 Join Syama, Dhyana and your Soul Space family to connect, share your heart and realizations of the month. Bring your questions about Yoga, Ayurveda and joyful living and we will do our best to support you:)


+ our 5 week pre-recorded Sadhana Series for FREE! 

  • Sadhana Series is a five week program that supports you in building your home spiritual practice, or deepening the one you already have. 

+ two of our Essential Oil Courses

  • Become a Healer in Your Home

  • Oils for the Mind & Mood


How it works

Once registered, you will receive a welcome email with immediate access to our private community platform. There you will find all archived sessions, your zoom link for all live sessions, as well as each month's unique workshop schedule! Join us live OR watch each week's sessions after they are uploaded every Friday. Live classes begin June 1st!

You can access your Soul Space membership wherever you are, using your laptop, phone or tablet, even whilst traveling! This way, no matter how busy you are, or where you are, you’ll be able to experience peace and inner connection. 

Upon registration you can choose your start date or begin immediately to gain access to our entire backend. You will be billed monthly on the day you begin.You can cancel your membership at anytime and are always welcome to join back as you like.

We open doors just a few times a year to assure we can nurture the people who are in Soul Space.


Dhyana is an Ayurveda Health Counselor and educator focused on supporting groups and individuals on their deep inner processes of healing and transformation. She is the co-founder of Sister Science and the author of Ayurveda Mama

Syama Masla is trained in Ayurvedic nutrition and the culinary arts. She is a yoga teacher and educator. She loves making the teachings applicable and easy to apply in modern day times. She is the co-founder of Sister Science.

richard ahr_edited.jpg

Richard Masla founded the Ayurveda Health Retreat in 2001 and is a dedicated Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic educator. Since opening its doors, he has helped thousands of people seeking healthy living with knowledge from the Ayurveda. He began his Yoga and Ayurveda studies at age 17 and traveled to India at 20 with his spiritual teacher Swami Prabhupada. He studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico and has traveled to India over 40 times. In 1994 he graduated Clayton College with a degree, Doctor of Naturopathy.

Bud ahr.webp

Vira Tansey , co-owner and managing director of the Ayurveda Health Retreat. He serves as an Ayurvedic Coach, Trauma Counselor, Lifestyle Educator and Community builder.​ He supports people to experience transformative healing and live their purpose and life vision

Jai is your yogi Mr. Rogers. He brings yoga & ayurveda to life with his storytelling.

omi ahr .webp

Omkar (Omi) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, specializing in health consultations and customizes Panchakarma protocols, creating specialized herbal formulations for optimal results during treatments. In India he immersed himself in the study of traditional Vedic culture, receiving his Bhakti Sastri degree in philosophy and spiritual literature.

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 10.18.32 AM.png

Krsna Jivani is a certified Herbalist, Botanical Ayurdoula and a mentor for women throughout their motherhood journey. She is is co-founder of Ayurveda Mama Box and a contributing author in Ayurveda Mama

vana ahr .webp

Shrinam Vanamali (Vana) was exposed to Vedic astrology from the very beginning of his life, as his father is a world-respected Astrologer and Priest. Shrinam continues his immersive life of study while offering readings, life guidance and courses.

SoulSpace payment
Tropical Leaves

All I have to say is, Wow! 

I just listened to the archived REALationships sessions and now I am feeling so clear and intentional. I really feel like I can show up in my relationships in a much more profound way. Thank you Vira and Dhyana for sharing your wisdom and helping us grow. This work is life changing!

Thank you for creating Soul Space, it’s so meaningful for me (& I know the rest of this community feels it too).

While I often can’t join you live (Australia Timezone) I tune in each week to catch up on everything. These last few weeks I've felt distracted & disconnected as we are in the midst of a big covid lockdown here - unable to work for weeks, constrained to our homes, bombarded with mass media fear etc) so Ive just turned on your july ‘soul sessions’ and within 5 minutes.. it’s ‘my place to remember’. Shedding tears of joy as youve reminded me of my soul

I wanted to share that I recently listened to the July REALationships recording and felt inclined to reach out to say THANK YOU. Firstly, not many teachers (at least the ones I have experienced), are as honest about their own journey. I really respect and appreciate the way you both humbly shared an interaction in your own relationship that you worked on. It was so relatable and I took so much from your story that I am now integrating on my own.

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