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Common Spices for Healing and Home Remedies w/ Syama


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Intro to Ayurvedic Herbs

Interview w/ Dr. Vishnu

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Sourcing Your Herbs
Students located in the United States:​

Students located in Australia & New Zealand:

Students located in the UK:

  • Herbalveda is highly recommended & has all the Ayurvedic herbs you need, even the ever-elusive pippalimul!

  • Organic Herb Trading Company is also highly recommended but doesn’t have all the herbs you need.

  • Ayurveda Pura is a great London-based Ayurvedic herb & product supplier.

  • Emerson Ecologics is a Banyan Botanicals supplier in the UK, but they require certification before you can order—keep them in mind for after you are certified!

  • When in doubt, look for herbs with the Soil Association organic stamp.

Students located everywhere else:

  • If you are struggling to find a good source of Ayurvedic herbs in your area, get in touch with local Ayurvedic schools and Ayurvedic practitioners and ask if they sell herbs or if they can direct you to where they get their herbs from!

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