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Soul Space is an online community fueled by the natural yearning to be healthy, happy, and more deeply connected to our true Self, to each other, and ultimately, to God. Ayurveda acknowledges that all dis-ease (whether it's a lack of 'ease' in your body mind relationships, work...) is founded in your disconnection to the truth of who you really are. Soul Space is your place to remember. When you live life from that deepest, centered place, you live a life aligned with what you are actually here to do (dharma) and you tap into 'ease', regardless of how challenging or joyful your circumstances may be. 

We truly believe that we are meant to be doing life TOGETHER. The journey becomes so much deeper and more rich when we are walking along side other venturers committed to real healing and growth.

We are here to support you in that process.

We are here to build community around what truly matters in life.

We are here to guide you, though also to grow along with you.

We are here to remind you.

through your membership, receive access to our LIVE weekly sessions as well as a full library of all previously archived sessions!

Monthly Live Sessions (all sessions EST)

  • Monday Meditation + Yoga: every Monday, 8-8:30am 

    • a beautiful way to start your week, as well as a practice that you can do each day of the week with the replay! A 30 minute blend of breath, mindfulness, & mantra meditation with gentle yoga​

  • Community Sangha!

    • Sangha is a word meaning 'your community that comes together around Truth.' Once per month, we will gather in sacred circle to hear and share our hearts with our community.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday, +  Friday: 9-9:20am Prayer Revolution w/ Vira

    • drop into a prayerful space within community, remembering our unlimited connection to grace and our boundless ability to be instruments of Divine will.​

  • Soul Sessions: the first Wednesday of every month w/ Dhyana & Vira, 6-7pm 

    • Let us live deeply. We set our monthly theme as we step into a life that is more intentional, and thus connected to what is Sacred. A beautiful time to listen, as well as connect with other Soul seekers ​

  • REALationship talk: third Wednesday of the month w/ Dhyana & Vira, 6-7pm

    • Vira and I come together to explore the real dynamics of a thriving relationship, including tools and techniques of how to communicate well, what to do when things get challenging, meeting each other's needs, intimacy, and more.​

  • Most Fridays: 6-7pm All Levels Yoga flow w/ Dhyana

  • Monthly premabreathwork sessions

    • Breath and Consciousness are intimately interwoven. As we breathe more deeply into our bodies, we are inviting awareness into parts of ourselves (or our past) that have long been stored away. As we bring awareness to the areas that have been hidden, our bodies innate healing abilities kick in; we release what has been holding us back, and we step closer into our full potential. 

*all sessions will be recorded and archived for you to experience at your convenience


+ our 5 week pre-recorded Sadhana Series for FREE! 

  • Sadhana Series is a five week program that supports you in building your home spiritual practice, or deepening the one you already have. 

+ two of our Essential Oil Education series to empower a healer in every home!

+ FREE access to our seasonal cleanses

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