Advanced Asana & Storytelling

100hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training

May 13th-20th, 2018

Storytelling has always been an essential part of the yoga tradition as a means of entertainment, education and instilling higher values. This unique Teacher Training module brings together a staff of experts who share their insights and tips on the basics of good storytelling.  Whether you are teaching a yoga class, leading a meeting or presentation, or in a one-on-one setting, storytelling can serve as a compelling approach to communication. Through interactive activities, yoga classes and advanced asanas students will learn tips on to make a story work in an effective way.


  • Raghunath

  • Julie Pasqual

  • Jai Giridhari

  • Syama & Dhyana Masla


  • 8am - 6pm



  • The Bhakti Center, room 2W



  • $1,500




What to expect:

  • 100 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training

  • Practice & teaching of Advanced Asanas

  • Learn how to tell the story of Radha, Krishna, Hanuman and more.

  • Safe and loving environment

  • Interacting with like-minded people

  • Experienced teachers

  • 10-20 students in the group

  • 10 service hours are required to graduate at The Bhakti Center ( choose area of interest):

    1. Flower Garland Service

    2. Kitchen Service

    3. Cleaning Service

    4. Garden Service


What a normal day may look like:

  • 9am: Mantras & Asana

  • 11am: Storytelling & Philosophy

  • 1pm Lunch

  • 2pm: Practical Skills

  • 4:30-6pm: Advanced Asana



  • Please read before the training the following books:

    1. Mahabharata by Andy  Fraenkel

    2. Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art by Stephen Nachmanovitch

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