200hr. Yoga Alliance Certified

Alachua, Florida


July 8th-28th 2019 // monday-saturday

We know that yoga is more than physical shapes we come into for an hour each day. Yoga is a lifestyle; it’s is a path and a process towards Self realization, and eventually God. Through the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda, we hope to share the timeless teachings in a way that is inspiring, uplifting, and will transform the lens in which you experience life through. Strength and flexibility are wonderful, though without tapping into the deeper realms of the soul, we won’t find the deep happiness that we're all looking for; a happiness that lasts beyond the inevitably changing circumstances. 

We believe that in order to transform lives through the teachings of Yoga, we must have realization through not only learning, but living it.  As a Yoga teacher, you will share who you are. People will feel that, and be moved and inspired by that.

More than just perfecting physical postures and learning how to teach people to come into certain shapes, in this training program we excavate ourselves; diving deeply into the timeless culture, teachings and traditions of Yoga in a way that is easily accessible and practically applied, so that we may move into the role of “Yoga Teacher” from the deepest place.

As a graduate you will head into the world confident and ready to lead grounded, safe, and inspired Yoga classes. You'll also learn how to offer modifications, posture options, clarification of contraindications, and how to create classes with progressive levels of difficulty. More than that, you'll have the tools and knowledge to instill life-changing principles into your classes. Transforming hearts, you'll leave your students with much more than just a physical exercise.


“This training was above and beyond anything I could have imagined from a Yoga Teacher Training. It was actually a course in how to live. It not only taught us how to teach but how to deepen our own practice so that we become what we are teaching. I feel confident and inspired to share Yoga and also have a much deeper understanding of myself and my purpose in the world. The guidance, wisdom, technique, and love that is shared through this course is unmatched. I leave here with open eyes, an open heart, and overflowing with joy.” - Danielle S., Business Owner

“This training was a life changing experience for me. I learned more than merely the correct way of doing yoga postures; I learned the very essence of yoga itself.” - Jennifer T., Nurse Practitioner

“The experience is incredible! It’s like having a community of support around the most important aspects of our life. We laugh and cry, create incredible friendships with the foundation of Yoga holding us; we explore life’s deepest questions with some of the most qualified teachers; teachers not only with knowledge, but real EXPERIENCE through living the life of Yoga. It’s fun! It’s powerful. It’s transformational. It’s most likely one of the most important investments of your life.” - Diana P., Consultant



  • 6:45-8am Morning Meditation

  • 8- 9:15am Morning Yoga Practice

  • B r e a k f a s t

  • 10-1pm Yoga Philosophy / study of yoga postures and adjustments

  • L u n c h

  • 2:00- 3:30pm: Yoga Philosophy / study of yoga postures and adjustments / Workshop

  • 3:30-5pm: Student Teaching

History and Philosophy of Yoga

Bhakti Yoga

Study of the Bhagavad-Gita

Nature of the Mind

Kirtan & Chanting

Detailed study of Asana (Yogic postures)

Art of Sequencing

Psychology, physiology, and philosophy of the Chakra system

Meditation & Pranayama practices

Karma & Reincarnation

Practice teaching

Business of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Ethics


Ayurveda: Yogic Diet and Lifestyle

**Expect homework, personal projects, in-class presentations and karma yoga/service opportunities


  • The Journey Home– Radhanah Swami (pre-requisite reading)

  • Miracle on Second Avenue– Mukunda Goswami (pre-requisite reading)

  • Yoga Teacher’s Toolbox – Joseph Le Page & Lillian Le Page

  • The Dharma Code– Simon Has

  • Yoga and Vegetarianism: The Diet of Enlightenment – Sharon Gannon

  • The Bhagavad-gita As It Is – Srila A.C. Bhaktivendanta Swam

  • The Journey Within (*suggested*)– Radhanath Swami


First 5 Students: $2500 (must be paid in full)


Full Tuition $3200

  • $1,000 Non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance

  • Full Tuition is due ONE week prior to school start date

  • $1,000 deposit is forfeited upon cancellation

  • Refund window closes 3 weeks prior to school start date; all monies forfeited thereafter


  • Shared Accomodation: $700


  • Private Accommodation: $2300 


Richard Masla

Lead Teacher

Dhyana Masla

Lead Teacher

Syama Masla

Lead Teacher

Ania Kruszcheska

Anatomy & Sanskrit

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